Tray - 125mm Pot - 8 Hole

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A 8 hole black plastic carry tray for 125mm pot. The base of this tray has a bar across each of the compartments. Length 438mm; width 398mm; height 70mm. The hole diameter at the top is 128mm and at the bottom 110mm.

This tray is for Thai pots that are not imported. However other pots are able to be used in this tray.

Port Pot PP100,  is quite wobbly but acceptable

Port Pot PP100D,  is quite wobbly but acceptable

Port Pot PP120D, fits to bottom - near perfect

Port Pot PB140 fits good.

Dome Squat Pots JJ140DOME and JJ140CDOME - fit well into the pot holder.

Dome Squat Pots JJ120DOME and JJ120CDOME - wobbly but acceptable.

Pot JJ125 wobbly - but acceptable.

Clear Pot 150MCP - good fit

There may be other pots that are able to be used in this tray.

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