About Us

Grahame and Margaret Muller are the owners/proprietors of Orchidaceous Supplies.

We are a small company committed to supplying good quality products suited to the orchid grower.  We are the Australian importer of Kiwi Orchid Bark - a quality product from Bark Products Taranaki in New Zealand.  Kiwi Orchid Bark is the first New Zealand orchid bark to be imported into Australia

We are also a distributor of RCRA OrchidChar - a high quality graded charcoal made from Acacia cambagei (gidgee).  

We stock an extensive range of

  • growing medias
  • Portugal cork
  • orchid pots - many styles
  • wire baskets, saucers, trays
  • stakes and ties, hangers - plastic and wire 
  • plants clips, Potclips,
  • pens and markers, labels, pruners
  • some fertilisers

 We, as Orchidaceous Supplies, do not have a shopfront. 

We are an internet business, accepting orders through our website, by phone and mail.

We attend Orchid Society Shows on some weekends between February and November. The Orchid Shows we attend is listed on the home page of our website


      During the orchid show season, we spend considerable time “on the road” , attending orchid shows where we display and sell our products.

     Our attendance at such venues is important to us, as this is an integral part of our business.

     While we have the ability to receive emails/orders while away from home, there may be some delays in dispatching orders during these times.