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Hozon is a brass siphon mixer which accurately applies soluble fertilizer to lawns, gardens or greenhouse plants. We now have Hozons with BSP threads to suit Australian useage. This makes them more user friendly as the American thread adaptors are not readily available to most users.

Hozons should not be used in the following situations, as it will impact on the their ability to run effectively.
1. when the Hozon is more than 15 metres from the outlet end of the hose.
2. when the outlet of the hose is fitted with a trigger type nozzle. 
3. when the outlet of the hose is fitted with an impulse type sprinkler.
4. when the hose is attached to a drip irrigation system.
5. hoses of less than 12mm diameter (the manufacturer recommends 16mm minimum, however 12mm with suitable water flow usually works effectively).

The most important factor is water flow rate (litres/minute). The Hozon unit requires greater than 12.5 litres/minute to run efficientally.


Note:-  Hozon units purchased from us, include 2 click-on adaptors and a piece of hose with fittings, making the units ready to go, "out of the packet".  

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