Tray - 100mm Pot - 12 Hole

Tray - 100mm Pot - 12 Hole

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A 12 hole black plastic carry tray for 100mm pot. The base of this tray has a bar across each of the compartments. Length 442mm; width 333mm; height 61mm. The hole diameter at the top is 95mm and at the bottom 86mm.

From Thailand, this tray is designed for X-010 and X-010C pots.

However other pots are able to be used in this tray.

Port Pot PP100, fits well into the pot holder

Dome Squat Pots JJ100DOME and JJ100CDOME - fit well into the pot holder.

Pot P 100 SS, sits down onto the base of the pot holder and is somewhat wobbly in the holder - but acceptable.

There may be other pots that are able to be used in this tray.

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