Kiwi Orchid Bark - 1 Pallet

Product no.: KOB50 x 40

Possible delivery methods: Freight Charges will be calculated and added at Invoicing, Pick up - Orchidaceous Supplies

Please put your order in to ensure stock from the next container - due in mid-late April 2022

No 2 Kiwi Orchid Bark - 3 to 8mm in size. No 3 Kiwi Orchid Bark - 8 to 20mm in size. No 4 Kiwi Orchid Bark - 20 to 25mm in size. No 5 Kiwi Orchid Bark - 25 to 50mm in size.   Kiwi Orchid Bark comes in an innovative green mesh bag, allowing air movement through the bag.

A pallet contains 40 x 50 litre bags. These can be all one size of Kiwi Orchid Bark, or a mix of sizes.

This product requires a freight calculation separate from the website.  Please contact us to advise the number of specific bark sizes required in your pallet.

Purchasing Kiwi Orchid Bark?  In New South Wales please contact our distributor (in Sydney) Mr Bob Bishop - mobile 0413 702 335


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